Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Litmus test for Those Wishing to Engage in Political Debate

Sometimes, friends ask me to give some input on a particular issue because they have an...infestation...of RWNJs and feel I can help. However, as I get older and less tolerant of clear and present BULLSHIT, I've decided on a test to ensure that those with whom I engage have a baseline political acuity equal to at least half a blade of freshly cut hay and thus have instituted a series of questions designed to ferret out members of the f'idiocracy.

*For whom did you vote in the 2004 presidential election?

*Where was President Obama born?

*Are the concepts of Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Naziism distinct and often opposed, or can they be used more or less as related terms if not synonyms?

*Are you a conspiracy theorist of ANY stripe (Birther, Truther, Red Flagger, Grassy Knoll...uh...-er, etc)?

*Is President Obama a Muslim, Christian, Atheist, or Undecided? (And does it matter?)

*Have you even referred to President Obama as "your/the anointed one" in non-ironic fashion?

*Does Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" program smell fascist-y?

*Thoughts on Reagan: an overrated POS whose corpse deserves to feel the sweet nectar of my piss, freshly trickled through the dirt over his grave, or; misunderstood scamp?

*Bin Laden: Alive or dead?

*The Sandy Hook School Shooting: Real event, "false flag," media misrepresentation of a drill, or other? (If "other" is chosen, please explain.)

There are CLEAR acceptable answers. Fail and fuck off. Pass and enjoy sensible debate.I'll add questions as I see fit.

(And for those whose delicate sensibilities are all a-ruffled, a reminder: Mr. Nice Liberal went away about the 8,000th time I was called a pinko-commie Nazi-socialist with fascist tendencies, a "faggot," or - and this is a personal favorite - "nigger-lover." Debate from open minded people is MORE than welcome, but if it so much as smells like someone is a Fox-bot....As far as I'm concerned, pansy-assed, POS, progenies-of-privilege like Guv'nah Ruiner, Walker, Snyder, Brownback, the apparent entirety of the goddam heinous fuckery we call "the Bush family," and the goddam goosestepping like - all of whom seem to have the empathy and intellect the Creator gave the Honey Badger - can fuck themselves and go to hell (...not necessarily in that order, of course ). They are but the palest of ghosts when compared to ACTUAL Conservatives like John Thompson, Jim Edgar, or Ike.)

Nudge me when I can spell "conservative" with a capital "C," again, and I'll be tolerant of those who've destroyed the very notion OF "conservatism."