Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inspirational Newt

There once was a fella named Newt
Who coveted all of the loot.
With a smile on his face
And no hint of disgrace
He'd give his 3rd wife The Big Boot.

There once was a fella named Newt
Who did seem like quite the galoot.
With a mouth well past full
The strings he did pull
And made Herman Cain go kaput.

GINGRICH!  One hell of a name!
Made others sit back and exclaim:
"With a name spelled like that -
And an apron so fat -
Our passions he he can't help inflame!"

With Eye of Newt, Spawn of Hate,
The Other we all should berate.
But when it is known
How much he did owe,
They'll all say, "Not HIM! We will wait!"