Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, Allow Me to Re-TORT....

A friend of mine sent me one o' them "funny" chain e-mails a few days ago.  In it, the original "author" relayed the "hilarious" story of a gun-suckler who lived next to a liberal (I pointed out we prefer the term "DurtyStinkin'Commie-Fasco L-l-l-l-ib'ral) who liked to stir the pot.  The fetishist put a sign in his yard with the following text:

"BURGLARS!  My neighbor is a gun-control advocate.  Feel free to rob him, but THESE premises are protected by guns."

The sign had a large arrow on top, pointing to his neighbor's house.

OH, the HEE-LARITY!  However, as a gun-owning DurtyStinkin'Commie-Fasco L-l-l-l-ib'ral, I thought of an appropriate response:

"BURGLARS!  My neighbor has a LOT of guns which you can easily trade on the black market for drugs or money!  And he's a TERRIBLE shot."

The arrow would point right back at him....

The 2nd Amendment goes both way, bitches, even if DurtyStinkin'Commie-Fasco L-l-l-l-ib'rals don't view it as a religious document.  And I'm sorry about the size of your penis, morans [sic].